5 Great Gifts for Medical Students

 5 Great Gifts for Medical Students

Shopping for a medical student isn’t always easy. It’s difficult to know what they want, and more importantly what they need to get through the rigors that is medical school. I’ve composed a quick list of 5 things I wish I had gotten, or that I did get and loved during my medical school experience. Hopefully they’ll make your shopping just a bit easier.


Stethoscope – Cardio III

A classic gift for the medical student is a trusty stethoscope, most students are now using the Cardiology III. It’s a bit pricey as are most stethoscopes but it’s quickly taking over as the most seen item around the neck of aspiring medical students. If you are looking to save a bit of money the Classic II will more than likely meet all the needs of any medical student and also is a great gift (I mention it further here). Often parents and other loved ones like to make the gift more personal, I’ve seen many students walking around with engraved stethoscopes (which can be done at most local engravers) with either an inspirational message or simply their name or initials. This is a great gift for the 1st and early 2nd year medical student, any further along and they more than likely already own a stethoscope.


Smartphone or iPad

Welcome to the world of technology. A fantastic tool for any medical student be it while studying for exams in the first two years or rounding on the wards. I suggest buying either an Android device (such as the Samsung Galaxy SIII pictured above) or an iPhone, mainly due to their large app stores. There are many amazing medical apps for studying and for the wards that are often invaluable, to get the most of a smart phone you’d like to ensure that they are available on your phone. In that respect the Apple iPhone has the slight edge as it’s more user friendly and has a larger app store. If they already own a smart phone a tablet is not a bad choice either such as the iPad (listed below) as they can use it to watch lectures, videos and study. It’s obviously less useful on the wards and rounds, but I’ve begun to see some students carrying them around. Once again I’d recommend going with a iOS or Android device.




For a lot less than a traditional tablet an e-reader is a great purchase for most medical students. Be it recreational or studying there are numerous benefits of using an e-reader. Chief among those benefits is the ability to carry multiple books around without ending up looking like the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Personally it’s also nice to be able to read without any distractions of the internet and makes looking up things quite a bit easier. Many of my friends often retreat to their Kindles to unwind after a long day and read non medically related novels.


An Atul Gawande Novel

A fantastic medical novelist, Atul Gawande is a personal favorite of mine and many other students, as well as physicians. He is a supremely talented writer and has several medically related best sellers. I was hesitant before picking up one of his books, because after studying medicine all day no one really wants to read about it in their spare time, but his books are thoroughly engaging and thought-provoking. I’ve posted a link to Complications one of his more famous books but he has written many. I go into them and many other medically related novels here.


Cash/Gift Card

Still stumped? I wasn’t kidding when I said medical students are often difficult to shop for. Here is something all of them without exception want and need – good food, good coffee and cool stuff. Money and Gift Cards (Amazon, Grocery Store, Starbucks etc.) are a great idea and are sure to be much appreciated by just about any medical student. Great fall back if you can’t come up with any other ideas, or aren’t sure still what they need.


Well I hope you enjoyed my brief rendition of great gifts for medical students, if you want to add your own or have an opinion on any of these ideas please comment below!