5 Game Changing Inventions and Innovations of 2012

5 Game Changing Medical Inventions and Innovations of 2012

Here is a quick rundown of some of our favorite innovations and inventions of the year. Check out these 5 that absolutely blow our minds. Tell us what you think in the comments!

AliveCor ECG

Can be used either be holding the electrodes or being placed on the patient's chest

Got an iPhone? Got a case? We bet your case can’t take an ECG reading on the spot. The AliveCor ECG Case has two bumps where patients place their hands and the iPhone app can then analyze, wireless transmit and store the ECG reading. The device has debuted in China and other countries, but in the USA it is still awaiting FDA approval for sale as a medical device. Dr. Eric Topol who was testing the device was able to correctly diagnose a M.I. on a patient on a flight leading to a diverting of the plane and the patient getting immediate medical attention. Clinical Studies have shown the device to provide highly accurate Lead I readings vs 12 lead standard ECGS machines.


1.5 Micron Resolution allows you to see individual blood cells.

As you can guess from the title we haven’t left the realm of the iPhone just yet. For just $40 you can get a prototype of the iMicroscope. You insert a ball into a rubber sheet and simply place it over your iPhone camera. The result? a resolution of 1.5 microns! Good enough to see individual blood cells. The software allows for real-time transmission to anywhere in the world. So far applications include diagnosing skin diseases and classify blood disorders. The real-time transmission also opens the door for specialists to be able to chime in on a rural patient’s diagnosis. It’s one of our favorite medical inventions for novelty alone but it also is pretty functional.




Keep up to date with the latest medical literature

Keeping up to date with medical research is often incredibly tedious and not easy to do. While I do suggest Journal Watch, many articles remain hidden behind a paywall. Enter Docphin, enter the specialty that interests you and a dashboard appears keeping you up to date on all the latest medical research. If you are a member of certain university/college networks you can access articles normally hidden behind paywalls using your network. Docphin provides a list on their front page of which schools they currently have associations with. They’ve also came up with a very anticipated mobile app.

AirStrip Patient Monitoring

Labs, Vitals, and waveforms to your iPhone or iPad

AirStrip provides constant 24/7 monitoring to your iOS device of patients vitals, lab results and waveforms. It allows for physicians to keep track of all of their patients pertinent information from anywhere in the hospital or from home. This is especially useful for physicians in critical care or telemetry units, the same company also creates apps for Obstetricians and cardiologists. Tele-commute anyone?







Easy Appointments in 4 steps.

A start-up company that caught my eye a few months ago. A great concept that is useful to patients and doctors alike. ZocDoc is an internet appointment maker, simply provide the specialty you are looking for a doctor in and your insurance carrier and it’ll give you the quickest appointment you can get in your area. It’s truly revolutionary for patients and brings making a doctor’s appointment into the 21st century. It’s also a huge step up for doctors as now your patients can make appointments around the clock rather than simply whenever your secretary is free.




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