Excel NRMP Match Tracker

Excel NRMP Match Tracker

Disclaimer: This material is taken from the Ace the Match course I helped create, I’ve decided to provide it for free as a bonus to you guys. You can find out more details about the course here.

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Keep reading to learn how to customize the tracker and get the most out of it!


Program Name, State, ACGME # and Date Applied

All fairly self-explanatory. These sections provide an easy way to  track the programs you have applied to as well as where they are geographically located. I included the ACGME # to make it easier to confirm this number against what appears the NRMP website when you begin filling out your rank list.

Travel Accommodations

I created this field to make your travel plans and accommodations a little more organized. If you start the field off with “Yes -” the field will turn green letting you know you have already made accommodations. You can also fill in the necessary details after the – including flight numbers, hotel confirmation numbers etc. You can also use this field to indicate whether or not you will be attending the pre-interview dinners.

Now for the fun stuff…

Excel Match Part 1


This section allows you to track the programs that have granted you an interview and the ones that have not. If you type “No” into this box, the conditional formatting will automatically grey out the remaining fields and turn the interview field red. If you type “Yes” the field will turn green.

Interview Date

Please enter the date in mm-dd-yyyy format. As seen above this field also has conditional formatting.
Light Green – Interview date to come
Yellow – Interview date is soon
Dark Green – Interview date has passed

Making changes to these dates will influence the Thank You Note and Email Follow Up categories as well.

Thank You Note Follow Up

The default for this category is 2 days after your interview. You may change it by clicking on the first box in the row and altering the “+2” within the formula. Once this date has passed, the field will turn red to remind you to send the thank you note.

Thank You Sent
Once your thank you cards have been sent type “yes” into this field. This will replace the red field with a green field in the Thank You Note Follow Up category.

Email Follow up Interest

This category works the same way as Thank You Note Follow Up, but the default is 45 days. You may change it by clicking on the first box in the row and altering the “+45” within the formula. This date will also turn red after it has passed.

Excel Match Part 2

The second part of this excel sheet allows you to figure out how you will rank the programs.

Rank Score

The Rank Score will be calculated based off the 6 categories to the right. In this example those categories are Location, Reputation, Research, Lifestyle, Teaching Emphasis and Gut Feeling. You can edit these categories to anything you like. Each category should be scored from a 0-10 scale (10 is best). The Rank score will automatically adjust and color code as you enter your scores into each field.

The 7th category does not factor into the rank score, but allows you to write notes and thoughts about the program. I strongly advise writing notes post-interview, as programs and interview experiences have a way of melting together later in interview season.


Above each category you’ll see a percentage. This is how much the Rank Score formula will consider this category in generating the final score. You can edit these scores on the fly and the Rank Score will adjust accordingly. Just remember to make them all add up to 100%.

General Tip: Just remember you can sort any column by clicking on the arrow to the right and the rest of the columns will adjust. Early in interview season I would sort by upcoming interview date. As interview season ended I began sorting by Rank Score.


Good Luck!  I hope you find the tracker useful!