A Collection of some of my Favorite Medical Resources

Author’s Note: This is a cross-post of my favorite Medical Resources from another website I run: neelshahmd.com

Keeping up on the latest medical literature

British Medical Journal – Evidence Updates – Likely my favorite resource overall. Evidence updates lets you choose what pertains to you, how many articles you want to receive (would you like to only see extremely important information or every article in the field) and delivers the abstracts in your inbox everyday. Many of the articles are meta-analysis and cochrane reviews so you can garner quite a bit from the abstract. Overall an amazing tool.

docphin-logoDocPhin – If you are a member of one of the participating organizations a great way to access articles anywhere and share articles with your fellow staff via social media.

NEJM Journal Watch – New England Journal watch provides a similar service of emails with article abstracts based on topic. It lacks the customized level Evidence updates does but it still provides a very comprehensive service.

2 Minute Medicine –  Concise emails everyday that tries to do exactly what it says. Keep you up to date in the 2 minutes it takes to read about the newest research.



On my person at all times:

medscape_logoMedscape Android App – Absolutely amazing tool to being able to look pharmaceuticals, their interactions and  a great resource to quickly look up a few things on that rare disease.  Being the ultimate technophile, my rooted nexus 4 is always close by and it lets me instantly look up things I hear about on rounds.

Medical Doctor Android App – Another android app. It lets me keep easy to access reference values on my homescreen.

Maxwell Quick Medical Reference – Great reference to look up things like the mental status exam, neuro exams and reference values for a lot of different items.

Pocket Medicine – An incredibly comprehensive guide on most medical topics, especially useful on the floors and in intensive care units. However I slowly am replacing it with the Medscape app and a mixture of google/chrome.



Choosing what Statistical Test to use – absolutely essential tool for research to make sure you pick the right test for data you have.

zocdocZocDoc – A New York City Startup, that lets patients book appointments 24/7. The best example to illustrate how revolutionary the concept is this – how much time do you really have free 9-5? and what hours do most medical secretary’s work? It frees up medical secretaries and allows patients to book appointments 24/7 and sends them reminders. It also allows doctors to fill last minute cancellations and open spots.

Model for Standardized hand off – Likely one of the most talked about topics in the next few years. How can we improve hand off accuracy and efficiency.

Online drugs store – Secure worldwide delivery use it for your best cycles.

Doximity – LinkedIn meets healthcare. Doximity functions in a very similar way to LinkedIn but also allows physicians to communicate and discuss complicated cases all while maintaining HIPPA regulations.