Why Healthcare is Stuck

Why Healthcare is Stuck

Today I read an incredibly interesting interview by the Harvard Business Review which was written in conjunction with the New England Journal of Medicine about exactly why healthcare is stuck. Always exciting to read some of the brightest minds in the nation weigh in on the topic.


Here is their blog on the topic as well as their actual article.

Harvard is no stranger to attempting to address healthcare reform. The Resource-Based Relative Value Scale was invented at Harvard, and underlines some of the basis of Medicare, though I’m sure they’d disagree with the way in which it was implemented.

It’s an incredibly fascinating read, and I encourage anyone who is remotely interested or involved in the topic to give it a through look over. The basic tenets of the argument is that medicine today is far too fragmented, and organized in a “Legacy” system that no longer makes much sense. They suggest a switch over to a value based system that includes integrated practice units, more measurement of outcomes and cost, and bundled payment for car cycles. I may go into the suggestions in more detail in another article a bit later. Lots of interesting recommendations, worth a read!

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