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Medical Students got to read, and sometimes you want to get your head out of the textbooks but still looking for something Medical? Here is a run down of my favorite medically related novels and some suggestions from other students for recreational reading.

Complications: A Surgeon’s Notes on an Imperfect Science

Dr. Gawande is a fantastic author, complications explores how surgery differs from the idealistic art we believe it is to a perplexing and uncertain science through the tale of several true case accounts. He is a prolific writer, and makes the topic thoroughly engaging and entertaining. A very entertaining read on and a very humanizing journey.


The Checklist Manifesto

In this bestseller Atul Gawande reveals how revolutionary a simple checklist can be. Before a 747 takes off there is a great series of checklists completed to ensure nothing can go wrong to jeopardize the 100s of lives on board, checklists have been able to dramatically lower error rates. When a patient lies on the Operating Room table, have similar precautions been taken? Atul Gawande explores the topic, and provides a series of compelling arguments on how we can and must do better all throughout medicine.


Better: A Surgeon’s Notes on Performance

Ask any medical student, resident or physician what they struggle with? You’ll hear the same story, fatigue, limited resources and often imperfect abilities. If you want to succeed in medicine the drive pushes us all to be better despite these issues, in this book Atul Gawande tells true cases of medical triumphs as well as medical failures.


The House of God

The House of God is a journey into the lives of Roy Basch and five other interns and their transformation into better doctors and better human beings. It is a great read into the pain, tragedy and triumphs of treating patients. Over two million copies have been sold worldwide.


The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer

The Biography of Cancer tracks it’s first appearances thousands of years ago to our ongoing battle to cure and conquer it. An award winning science writer Siddharta Mukherjee melds the worlds of history and cell biology giving a great biography of cancer.


How Doctors Think

A great novel diving into the mind of physicians and the sacrosanct doctor patient relationship. It examines why some doctor’s Succeed and why others fail, it examines from a patients perspective how to prevent snap judgement and communicate effectively.


Kill as Few Patients as Possible: And Fifty-Six Other Essays on How to Be the World’s Best Doctor

Timeless truths, insights and reality checks gained over 30 years of general practice delivered with a mixture of art and humor. The book is celebrating is nearly celebrating it’s 25th anniversary, and has sold more than 200,000 copies.


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TV Show

Boston Med – A great documentary done by ABC looking into the lives of several doctors and patients at some of the most popular Harvard hospitals in the Boston area. Truly an emotional ride and does a fantastic job showing the human side of medicine. Boston Med was created in 2010.

NY Med – Same production crew as Boston Med it takes the idea and moves it to the big apple. Many of the episodes are available if you are a US resident on ABC’s website. Much like the Boston counterpart it does a fantastic job at showing the very raw and human side of medicine.

House – A famous award winning medical drama based off Sherlock Holmes. If you do enjoy this show I highly suggest checking out this blog describing the medical errors and true medicine behind the show.

Scrubs – Best Bromance on TV? We think so. Great show mixing elements of drama and comedy.

ER – Famous classic created by Michael Crichton, staring stars such as George Clooney.

Royal Pains – Personal favorite of mine from USA, following around Hank Lawson an out of work Emergency Med physician who becomes a concierge doctor in the Hamptons. Much of the medicine is surprisingly accurate.


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