Frequently Asked Questions about the USMLE Guide

Frequently Asked Questions about our famous USMLE Guide Book


Why is it called a Slacker’s Guide?

Ever know that person that barely attends class, barely seems to study and aces every exam? Yeah believe it or not they don’t have a Eidetic Memory. A Slacker’s Guide is named so because we want to show you the tips and techniques to be that person and that much more. We aren’t naïve, no one is a “Slacker’ who is studying for the USMLE, this book won’t get you a great score if you only study  20-25 hours week, this book is for those studying 40+ hours to teach them how to study smarter in the time they have and achieve the score they deserve. Get the most out of time you do spend studying, and see how you can succeed.

When will it be available?

We are working to have the final edition of the USMLE Guide to be ready by mid August 2012. The goal is to be able to prepare all those students who wish to write it Early to Mid 2013 and on. We apologize for any delay, but it is currently going through the final editing process, so we can assure we deliver you a quality product.

Why Should I Buy it? Do I really need it?

Well that’s a complex question, but let us start by asking you how many books are there that cover the pre-clinical knowledge needed? How many Question banks? USMLE Guides? How many other resources. If you guessed it’s in the 100s you’re right, we know it simply isn’t possible for every student to check out each of these. Most students end up doing whatever book/resource is most popular, and reputations are often well-earned. The issue with this is that new assignment service resources are hitting the market everyday, and every student is slightly different some need extra help in certain areas that basic review books won’t cover. We’ve done extensive research to figure out the best resources based on what students who have scored over 240 have used, and what they thought was valuable.

A Slacker’s Guide to the USMLE goes much further than just evaluating resources though. It goes into the in-depth tactics and strategy the most effective test takers use and how they’ve succeeded. Every single test taker is limited by one thing – Time. You need to make the best use of it put simply, every minute wasted and every hour wasted is critical. We’ll show you not only what tactics, and strategies were used but how to easily implement them and get the most out of the time you have.

Do you need it? That’s up to you, if you think you can make the most of the time you have, and that includes scouring resources and being as efficient as possible while studying – than No. If you think there is any possibility you can improve, can study smarter and can score higher than you deserve it. 

What does it do better that I can’t do myself?

Nothing in this book is rocket science (or neurosurgery if you prefer that saying), and I don’t wish to convince you it is. This book spares you the time of going through endless resources and trying endless tactics and schedules to find out what does and doesn’t work. We’ve talked with students who have scored over 240 to find out what works and what doesn’t. Make the most of the limited resources you have, start today to score higher.

Is it Worth it? Why does it Cost this much?

How much do you pay for your medical school? Your textbooks last year? Your lattes? Now think about how much your step score matters to you. It is often used to filter applicants and rank applicants, regardless of your other attributes a bad step score can prevent you from getting interviews in the specialty or location of your choice. If you thought there was a way to do better, you should be willing to pay any cost to get it, as the difference in lifetime salary and happiness in getting a residency in a location and specialty of your dreams is worth more than your lifetime latte expenditure.

We don’t want to stop anyone from purchasing this USMLE guide book though, we know most similar books retail for upward of $30.00 USD and most reference and textbooks retail for upwards of $50-100. We’ve decided to charge $13.99 for our e-book and $18.99 for the paperback edition. I’d hope you would be willing to invest that much into yourself. 

Where can I buy it?

Paperback is available only on Amazon, shipping times will take up to 2-3 weeks so be prepared. Not willing to wait? The e-book is available on the Kindle, iBooks (Apple) and the Kobo. Both products are identical except for the paper.

Why is there only a guide for the Step 1?

I’m planning on expanding the Slacker’s Guide franchise to cover topics such as the step 2 and the MCAT based on demand. If you want to see something specific or think you can contribute feel free to email me!

Can I get a free sample of it?

All subscribers on the e-mail list will get a free chapter in their email to see what the guide is all about. See it, read it and decide for yourself what you think!


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