Frequently Asked Questions

A series of the most Frequently Asked Questions about our 1 USMLE Question a Day



How much does it Cost?

It’s free! Yes really, completely 100% free you are never obligated to pay, we aren’t looking for donations and we won’t advertise third-party products to you through your email address. We also won’t sell your email address, because don’t we all have enough cheap Viagra and Rolex Watches now? We will email you a question a day, as well as blog updates we make. We have lives too (medical school is tough!), so there won’t be a ton of those flooding your inbox either.

What Other Emails will you send me?

We will send you new blog posts and emails about our new Slacker’s Guide to the USMLE book. We won’t bombard you though don’t worry. We also won’t sell your email to anyone else or advertise with third-parties.

How many Questions are there?

At this time there are about 175 questions written good enough for about 6 months of daily questions. We are working to get that number up to about ~300 to 350. The goal is that you can sign up for this a year before your exam, and continue to receive updates and questions. We strive to cover all the important topics on the Step 1 including Pathology, Pathophysiology, Anatomy, Biochemistry, Behavioral Science, Immunology, Genetics and others. You may not get a topic for a while, or may feel like you got a few questions on one topic consistently, the questions are assigned randomly so this is bound to happen – just like your real exam! (minus the extraordinary stress and tears)

Why aren’t the Questions in Multiple Choice Format?

We did that on purpose! We know the actual test is in multiple choice format, but the purpose of these questions isn’t to stimulate the test. 1 Question a day won’t prepare you for the test scenario or feeling, the idea is to refresh concepts and make connections in your knowledge. We’ll test a topic you  may not have covered in days, weeks or months to keep you fresh. A fill in the blank question or straight question accomplishes this better than multiple choice where you simply pick what sounds familiar. We want to make you think, we are not responsible for any pain caused in that process.

Why is there a mistake in this Question?

Liar! No really we do make mistakes, and we apologize. E-mail us at about them and we’ll do our best to fix them. Better yet leave a comment on the answer page and discuss it with other students. The best way to learn is teach and discuss the concept with others.

Why Can’t I do all the questions in one shot?

The point of this is not to replicate the test scenario, but rather refresh knowledge. We do not post the question on the page, rather just the answer and email you the question and the link. The reason is there are far better alternatives to learn material and do sample questions. You won’t gain much from doing all our questions in one shot, and you won’t remember much of it. We favor building long-term memory rather than simply cramming the material in.

Why am I on this question and my friend on another?

We e-mail the questions out based on the day you sign up, so if you and a friend signed up on different dates you will be on different questions. For example if you sign up on a Wednesday and your friend signed up the Monday before they will be on question 3 and you will be on question 1. We do this because we only have a certain amount of questions.

Hey your questions suck!

Well.. wait a minute that isn’t a question. The depth and difficulty of our question will vary question to question, much like a real test will. Some questions will be incredibly difficult, or long while others will be incredibly simple and straight forward. We just want to refresh concepts, if you do not like the question quality you can unsubscribe at any time, or better yet email us tips at or suggestions for better questions. We are constantly looking to improve.

Any other questions? Email us