Social Media & Other Links

Social Media & Other Links

Social Media

Medicine is ever changing, follow some of the  medical social media Leaders. We’ve put together a collection of all of our favorite people to follow on twitter whether it’s general knowledge, interest or for USMLE help.

Studying for the USMLE

@FirstAidTeam – Twitter feed of the First Aid team themselves. Great follow, as they often post questions relating to Step 1 and Step 2 CK.

@USMLENotes – Useful USMLE notes from the famous site of Rahul Gladwin.

@USMLE99 – Score 99 blogspot account controls this twitter, occasionally posting key and salient USMLE topics


Medical School

@Medstudentrx – Daily Q&A and topics for Residents and Students ranging from sources such as First Aid, Case Files, Pretest & Others

@TheNRMP – Twitter of the National Resident Matching program, they provide great links and information on all things related to the match

@CareersinMed – Put together by the AAMC a great follow to help you explore specialty and residency options.

@USMLEMD – USMLE MD WordPress twitter often posting great questions about management and other topics.

@FutureDocs – Twitter of Vinny Arora MD a great Internal Medicine Doctor who focuses on improving medical training and patient experiences in teaching hospitals. Extremely active on Twitter and a great follow. Her blog is mentioned below in other links.

@seeFisch – Conrad Fischer the prolific teacher is also on twitter. Topics range from medicine to his political opinions.


General Medical News and Knowledge

@Atul_Gawande – The World Famous Surgeon and Writer with over 40, 000 Followers is very active on Twitter. Tweeting anything from healthcare, sports and occasionally his current playlist.

@sanjayguptacnn – Dr. Sanjay Gupta the Neurosurgeon and CNN Medical Correspondent has over 1.4 Million twitter followers, and tweets on all things politics and medicine.

@sanjiv_chopra -Twitter of Dr. Sanjiv Chopra a Professor of Medicine at Harvard he tweets on medicine and a range of personal topics.

@HavardHealth – Havard health information drawing from expertise of over 8000 physicians

@MayoClinic – Twitter feed of the legendary Mayo Clinic, tweets include a wide range of health topics.

@WSJHealthBlog – Wall Street Journals twitter on all things health and the business of health

@MDkev – Twitter of Kevin Fickenscher MD – CEO of AMIA, he often tweets on Health IT, Healthcare Reform and a wide range of other Healthcare topics

@DavidAKesslerMD – Twitter of David Kessler MD a Former FDA Commissioner and Former Dean of Yale and UCSF Medical Schools. Tweets various new studies, with a focus on the obesity epidemic.

@drMartyMD – Dr. Marty Makary’s Twitter feed provides a medical commentary on all upcoming topics in healthcare and often discusses new exciting products and technologies.

@harvardaskdrk – Anthony Komaroff MD from Harvard and pioneer who created the Ask Doctor K column. He frequently answers medical questions.

@neil_mehta – Technology meet Medicine, this Associate Professor of Medicine tweets on all things in both worlds as well as many personal topics as well.

@rudytanzi – Dr. Rudy Tanzi often focuses on tweeting all that is new and exciting in the world of neurology.

@drbilchik – Dr. Anton Bilchik focuses on tweeting all that is ongoing in Oncology.

@ewidera – Dr. Widera focuses on topics related to Geriatrics and Palliative care.

@MattinglyMd – With over 22 000 followers  Dr. Mattingly focuses on Anti-Aging among other topics.

@medpedsdoctor – A Great and active twitter of Dr. Alex Djuricich a fascinating follow for those interested in pediatrics.

@DearnOrnishMD – Dean Ornish MD – focus on anti-aging and dietary topics make up the brunt of his tweets.

@dianeemeier – A great follow for all those interested in pain management and palliative care.

@DoctorBernstein – Good follow for thos interested in Dermatology and Hair Restoration.

@dranasyounes – A lymphoma expert and professor of medicine at MD Anderson Cancer Center. He tweets are mostly related to medicine, cancer and health.

@MedicalAxioms – Mark Reid MD – tweeting proverbs, axioms and aphorisms.


Other Links

Rahul Gladwin’s Website – A fantastic site that explains and provides notes on many medical topics.

Journal Watch – Fantastic website to help you keep up to date in any field you are interested in.

Learn Radiology – Great website by the author of the recommended Learn Radiology textbook. Tons of fantastic examples for free!

Future Docs – A blog made for medical students, addressing many of the concerns facing students and residents in the ever changing field.

Score 99 – Great blog with tons of topics including many Step 2 CS tips!

R/Medicalschool – Reddit Community for Medical School students with many great members (Note never used Reddit before? You’ll never remember what free time was again after, you’ve been warned.)